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A List of Essential Accessories to Protect You and Your ATV

Take off-road safety seriously; grab these ATV accessories to protect yourself!

HANDFUL element wear gloves in store

ATV Accessories For Safety

When it comes to ATV safety, taking the right precautions and utilizing and equipping yourself with mandatory safety accessories is paramount for a safe off-roading journey. Certain indispensable safety accessories, such as helmets, are not only crucial for your protection but are also legally required for riders. Today, we will go over some of the most essential quad accessories that will help you keep safe during your next adventure.

Helmet Types

Helmets are mandatory in Canada and other countries while out on public roads and trails. Here are some examples of some types of helmets:

Full Face Helmet

A full face helmet offers the most comprehensive protection. It covers your entire head, including your face and chin. It also features a chin guard, a visor that can shield the sun's glare, dust and debris.

Open Face Helmet

An open face helmet, also known as a "three-quarter helmet", covers the top and sides of your head but leaves your face open and visible. While they do offer good visibility and ventilation, it offers minimal protection for your face, leaving it exposed to the elements.

Modular Helmet

Also referred to as a "flip-up helmet", this helmet offers versatility as you can flip the face cover up, effectively transitioning the "full face helmet" to an "open face helmet". This design can be convenient for those who want the option to quickly communicate without removing the entire helmet.

Half Helmet

The half helmet, also called a "skull cap", is popular amongst cruiser and street riders. They are not recommended for off-road use due to the reduced coverage on your head.

"When it comes to choosing the right ATV helmet, you should also consider other factors, such as: protection, visibility, intended use, age of rider, DOT certification, comfortability and your overall price range." - L1FE Outdoors ATV/UTV

Correct Footwear

Selecting the right footwear for ATV riding is super important, as it directly impacts your safety and comfort. By selecting proper ATV footwear, it can provide grip, stability, and protection against debris, ensuring a secure connection with the vehicle and reducing the risk of accidents while enhancing your overall riding experience.

Finntrail Speedmaster Boots

The Finntrail Speedmaster Boots offer comfort and great ankle support in almost any terrain and weather you may encounter. Designed with thicker and stronger laces and wear-resistant fabric materials with a reinforcement weave for increased safety and durability.

Finntrail Urban Boots

Crafted with an urban style, the Finntrail Urban Boots are super lightweight to ensure maximum comfortability. Thanks to the special design of the outsole, mud and sand will not stick, resulting in increased grip.

Gator Waders Everglade 2.0 Boots

The Gator Waders Everglade 2.0 Boots are not only available for men, but for women as well. These rubber wading boots are lightweight, durable and available in insulated and uninsulated versions.

ATV Gloves

By using gloves while off-roading, you can ensure your hands are shielded from abrasions, impacts and debris while providing a secure grip on the handlebars. Ultimately, wearing gloves adds an extra layer of safety and comfort, allowing you to fully focus on the trail.

L1 ATV Gloves

Our L1 ATV Gloves are our premium, custom designed, super comfortable and lightweight - providing superior grip, a reinforced thumb, silicone fingertips and an adjustable synthetic leather strap.

Finntrail Eagle Gloves

Designed specifically for extreme riding, the Finntrail Eagle Gloves are lightweight and made with neoprene and faux leather. It also features a tight fit for enhanced comfort and confidence.

Finntrail Enduro Gloves

The Finntrail Enduro Gloves are a step up from the Eagle gloves, they are designed for hardcore riding. Made with durable neoprene fabric and synthetic leather, if you are one of the hardest riders on planet Earth, consider these amazing gloves.

HANDFUL Element Wear Gloves

With a huge selection of pattern styles and colours for men and women riders, the HANDFUL Element Wear Gloves are uninsulated, other than their 'Sub-Zero' glove, which offers great insulation during the cold weather.

Fly Racing Kinetic Gloves

With excellent ventilation, an adjustable leather wrist enclosure and a reinforced double layer on the palm, the Fly Racing Kinetic Gloves are a suitable choice for riders who prefer to race. These are a breathable and super comfortable option for ATV enthusiasts.

ATV Goggles

Protecting your eyeballs is a top concern while out on an off-roading journey. Without equipping yourself with proper-fitting goggles, you run the risk of injuring your eyesight or your eyeballs.

L1 Goggles

Available in a tinted and clear lens version, our one-size fits all L1 Goggles are designed with anti-scratch and anti-fogging lenses. These goggles also feature a foam notch for people who wear eyeglasses, for maximum comfort.

100% Barstow Goggles

The 100% Barstow Goggles are designed with triple-layer face foam, which provides amazing moisture management. These are also designed with vents at the top, allowing for maximum ventilation and anti-fogging properties.

HANDFUL Element Wear Goggles

The HANDFUL Element Wear Goggles comes with a premium goggle bag, an ultra-clear lens and your choice for one of three tinted-coloured lenses. These also come with a tear-away lens protector.

Moose Racing Qualifier Agroid Goggles

Available in 7 different colours, the Moose Racing Qualifier Agroid Goggles offer a large eye-port for maximum visibility and a flexible and molded goggle frame with venting. These goggles are tested and certified according to European standard EN 1938:2010.

Safety Accessories For Your ATV

Now that we have discussed some of the most important safety gear for yourself, let's look at some safety-enhancing accessories that you can add to your ATV for a safe and comfortable adventure.

PowerMadd Universal Hand Guards

The Star Series Handguard offers the ultimate protection with its durable design, suitable for rigorous use. It universally fits ATVs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles. Crafted from dual plastic types, a sturdy spine ensures safety while a vibrant, flexible body adds a touch of style.

Outlaw ATV Paracord Winch Extender

Available in 1ft, 1.5ft, 2ft, 2.5ft and 3ft lengths and your choice of different colours, the Outlaw ATV Paracord Winch Extender's D-ring simply attaches to your winch rope, providing easy access to your winch at all times.

SuperATV Turn Signal Kit

If you need a new turn signal kit or would like to upgrade from your current kit, the SuperATV Turn Signal Kits are "plug and play" and are also made specifically for a certain make, model and year of ATV or UTV.

Moose Windshield

Ensure you are protected from bugs, debris and dust with the Moose Windshield, no cutout. Made with 100" polycarbonate material and a 4-point, rigid mounting hardware with a "breakaway" design, this is a perfect addition to your all-terrain vehicle.

ATV/UTV Bluetooth Whip Lights

Make sure that you're seen on the trail during your nighttime rides with the ATV/UTV Bluetooth Whip Lights. Available in 2 feet and 3 feet universal lengths for your ATV or UTV and completely controlled via Bluetooth with a variety of light patterns available.

Fly Racing ATV Grips - Pilot 2

When utilizing the Fly Racing ATV Grips, riders report that the comfort was a "perfect blend of not too firm and not too soft". The soft rubber grips allow for a reduce in hand vibrations and an increase in overall comfort.

LEXIN Smart Tire Pump P5

The LEXIN Smart Tire Pump P5 is a portable, cordless air compressor with digital pressure monitoring. With a range of 2-150psi, this mobile air compressor with a powerful 5000mAh cell battery and internal cooling fan is a great option for pumping your tires during your rigorous adventures.


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Shop ATV Accessories Near You

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