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Top 10 Must-Have ATV Accessories for Summer Off-Roading

2 thumpstar pit bikes and one pentora atv
Thumpstar Pit Bikes (left & center) Pentora ATV (right)

Top 10 ATV Accessories This Summer

When it comes to summer off-roading adventures, having the right ATV accessories can make all the difference. Whether you're tackling muddy trails, wading through water, or exploring rugged terrains, having the right gear enhances both your safety and enjoyment. In this article, we'll delve into the top 10 must-have ATV accessories that will elevate your summer off-roading experience. As L1FE Outdoors ATV/UTV, we understand the importance of quality products that withstand the demands of extreme off-roading. Let's explore these essential accessories in detail:

1. Mudding Tires

Mudding tires are a game-changer when it comes to off-roading in muddy conditions. These specialized tires feature aggressive tread patterns designed to provide superior traction and prevent mud buildup. With enhanced grip and self-cleaning capabilities, mudding tires allow you to navigate through muddy terrains with confidence.

Mudding tires are typically wider and have deeper lugs compared to standard ATV tires. The wider surface area spreads the weight of your ATV, reducing the chances of sinking in soft mud. Deep lugs bite into the mud, providing excellent traction and preventing your tires from getting clogged with mud.

2. Wading Gear

For those who enjoy water crossings during off-roading adventures, wading gear is a must. Brands like Finntrail and Gator Wader offer high-quality waterproof gear, including waders and boots, designed to keep you dry and comfortable while traversing streams and puddles. Their durable construction ensures long-lasting performance in wet environments.

Wading gear is typically made from materials like neoprene or breathable fabrics that provide waterproof protection. They feature sealed seams and reinforced soles to prevent water from seeping in. Look for wading gear that offers a snug fit and allows for freedom of movement, ensuring comfort and flexibility during water crossings.

3. Skid Plates

Off-roading often exposes your ATV to rocks, tree stumps, and other obstacles that can cause damage to the undercarriage. Skid plates provide essential protection by shielding vulnerable components such as the engine, suspension, and transmission. Invest in a sturdy skid plate that is specifically designed for your ATV model to ensure optimal coverage and durability.

Skid plates are typically made from robust materials like aluminum or high-density plastic. They are designed to absorb impacts and distribute the force of a collision, minimizing damage to vital ATV components. Look for skid plates that offer full coverage, including the front and rear, to ensure comprehensive protection.

4. Winches and Ropes

When you find yourself stuck in a challenging situation, a winch can be a lifesaver. A winch allows you to pull yourself or others out of sticky situations, such as deep mud or steep inclines. Ensure you choose a winch with adequate pulling capacity and pair it with high-quality ropes or cables for reliable and safe recoveries.

Winches come in various capacities, typically measured in pounds. Consider the weight of your ATV and the types of situations you may encounter to determine the appropriate pulling capacity. Additionally, invest in synthetic ropes or cables that are strong, lightweight, and less prone to dangerous recoil compared to steel cables.

5. Far Mudding Halo LEDs

Enhance your visibility during nighttime off-roading adventures with Far Mudding Halo LEDs. These high-performance LED lights provide a powerful beam that cuts through the darkness, illuminating your path and helping you spot potential obstacles. Their waterproof construction ensures they can withstand the rigors of off-roading and adverse weather conditions.

Far Mudding Halo LEDs are specifically designed for off-roading purposes, offering bright illumination and durability. They are resistant to water, dust, and impacts, making them ideal for the harsh conditions encountered on the trails. Look for LED lights with a wide beam pattern to maximize your visibility in all directions.

6. L1 Cupholder for Can-Am Outlander

Stay hydrated during long rides with the L1 Cupholder designed specifically for Can-Am Outlander ATVs. This innovative accessory securely holds your drink, preventing spills while you tackle challenging trails. Its durable construction ensures it withstands the vibrations and bumps encountered during off-roading.

The L1 Cupholder is designed to fit seamlessly on Can-Am Outlander models, providing a stable and secure place to hold your beverage. It is typically made from sturdy materials like high-density plastic or aluminum, ensuring durability and resistance to impacts. Enjoy your off-roading adventures without worrying about spills or losing your drink.

7. Kimpex Outback Universal Seat/Trunk

Carrying your essentials becomes effortless with the Kimpex Outback Universal Seat/Trunk. This versatile accessory serves as both a comfortable seat and a spacious storage compartment. Its weatherproof design keeps your gear protected from dust, mud, and water, making it an ideal solution for extended off-roading trips.

The Kimpex Outback Universal Seat/Trunk offers ample storage space for your off-roading essentials. It is designed to fit most ATV models, providing a secure and stable seating option. The weatherproof construction ensures that your gear remains dry and protected even in adverse weather conditions. Consider features like lockable compartments and cushioned seating for added convenience and comfort.

8. Bazooka Party Bar

Take your off-roading adventures to the next level with the Bazooka Party Bar. This all-in-one audio system provides premium sound quality and features built-in Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes while on the trails. Its rugged construction ensures durability in outdoor environments.

The Bazooka Party Bar is designed to withstand the vibrations and impacts of off-roading. It is typically constructed with marine-grade materials that are resistant to water, dust, and UV rays. The built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows you to wirelessly connect your phone or other devices, bringing your favorite music with you wherever you go.

9. Foldable Aluminum Ramps

Transporting your ATV to off-roading destinations becomes more convenient with foldable aluminum ramps. These lightweight and sturdy ramps make loading and unloading your ATV onto trailers or trucks a breeze. Look for ramps with anti-slip surfaces and high-weight capacities to ensure safe and secure loading.

Foldable aluminum ramps offer a combination of portability and strength. They are typically constructed with lightweight yet durable aluminum, making them easy to carry and handle. Look for ramps with features like anti-slip surfaces and raised edges for added safety. Consider the weight capacity of the ramps to ensure they can support the weight of your ATV.

10. 4 Piece Rocklight Set

Illuminate your ATV's undercarriage and add a touch of style with a 4 Piece Rocklight Set. These small, waterproof LED lights are designed to be mounted underneath your ATV, creating an eye-catching glow. They not only enhance aesthetics but also improve visibility during night rides, ensuring you can confidently navigate challenging terrain.

A 4 Piece Rocklight Set typically includes four LED lights that can be easily installed on the undercarriage of your ATV. These lights are specifically designed to withstand the elements, including water, dust, and impacts. Choose a set with vibrant color options and multiple lighting modes to create a personalized and striking look for your ATV.


In conclusion, as you prepare for your summer off-roading adventures, equipping your ATV with these top 10 must-have accessories will significantly enhance your experience. From specialized mudding tires and reliable wading gear to essential skid plates and versatile winches, each accessory plays a crucial role in improving your safety, performance, and overall enjoyment on the trails.

Investing in high-quality mudding tires ensures you have the necessary traction to conquer muddy terrains with confidence, while reliable wading gear from trusted brands like Finntrail and Gator Wader keeps you dry and comfortable during water crossings. Skid plates offer crucial protection, safeguarding your ATV's vulnerable components from rocks and other obstacles. A winch paired with sturdy ropes or cables becomes your lifeline when faced with challenging situations, allowing you to recover yourself or others from sticky predicaments. Far Mudding Halo LEDs enhance visibility during nighttime rides, ensuring you can navigate safely and spot potential obstacles.

For added convenience and comfort, accessories like the L1 Cupholder for Can-Am Outlander provide a secure place for your drink, and the Kimpex Outback Universal Seat/Trunk offers ample storage space for your off-roading essentials. The Bazooka Party Bar adds an element of entertainment, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music while immersing yourself in the off-road experience. Transporting your ATV becomes more manageable with foldable aluminum ramps, ensuring safe and secure loading onto trailers or trucks. Lastly, the 4 Piece Rocklight Set not only adds a touch of style but also improves visibility, illuminating your ATV's undercarriage during night rides.

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