G2 Bars:


  • True marine-grade speakers with end loaded woofers and front firing tweeters
  • 450-Watt peak power integrated amplifier with easy pair integrated Bluetooth® and auto-reconnect
  • Waterproof 3.5mm auxiliary input to connect any phone, tablet or mp3 player with a 3.5mm audio jack
  • Waterproof 3.5mm auxiliary output easily passes the signal from the party bar to any other audio system or external subwoofer
  • Patent-pending cast aluminum integrated grill mounting system that allows for end-mounted woofers and complete 360 degree rotation
  • Two durable cast aluminum legs for securing the party bar to your roll bar
  • Integrated rail mounting system provides alternative mounting options when end mounting is not available
  • Hands-free phone calls when you pair it with your Bluetooth-enabled phone
  • Power rail-ready marine grade SAE quick-disconnect power cord
  • Marine-grade SAE accessory connector and light switch for easily adding any LED light bar
  • Fully customizable wireless remote control: full control of all your Bluetooth music, change songs, turn it up, turn it down and even take your phone calls, handsfree
  • Mobile app control
  • Waterproof USB input and charging
  • Integrated RGB LED illumination system with many colors, flash patterns and speeds at the touch of your fingertips
  • Audio sync wirelessly syncs music between two Party Bars via Bluetooth
  • Available in single-sided model or double-sided with speakers on both sides


G3 Bars:


  • Party button allows you to broadcast across multiple systems, providing the option to be the DJ or listener
  • DJ has full control over the music and LEDs across all systems that joined the party
  • 3.5mm aux input allows for connecting MP3 and smartphone
  • 3.5mm aux output to easily pass the signal between other audio systems or external subwoofer
  • LEDs have a sync option that beats with the music
  • Can be controlled via G3 mobile app
  • Waterproof aux inputs and USB port
  • Integrated grill mounting system allows for 360° rotation and rail mouting system provides other options when end mounting isn't possible
  • Hands-free calling when paired to a mobile device
  • Marine-grade SAE accessory connector switch


*NOTE: The G2 party bars DO NOT connect to the G3 party bars for the broadcasting connection, G2 bars only connect to the original bars and other G2 bars, likewise G3 only pairs to other G3 bars.

Bazooka LED Party Bars