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Why should you consider an upgraded aftermarket exhaust for your ATV, UTV or Side by Side?

Advice from the Experts for exhaust upgrades

Outside of looking super cool, there can be a number of benefits to adding an upgraded aftermarket exhaust to your ATV, UTV, or Side x Side. Some of these benefits include increased power and torque as well as improved fuel efficiency which lead to improved performance, better acceleration and the added benefit of a more aggressive sound.

How does an upgrade exhaust add power and torque?

An upgraded aftermarket exhaust on an ATV / UTV / SXS can add power and torque by increasing the amount of air and fuel that is able to enter the engine. An aftermarket exhaust system can also help improve the engine's efficiency. This can be achieved by reducing exhaust backpressure and allowing the engine to breathe better, resulting in improved power and torque output.

How does an upgrade exhaust on my ATV affect fuel?

An upgrade exhaust on an ATV allows for a more efficient burning of fuel by increasing airflow which helps to reduce the amount of unburned fuel that is expelled from the engine. This results in a higher power to fuel ratio. Because the upgraded exhaust is affecting both fuel usage and airflow we often recommend adding a fuel tuner or having your machine professionally tuned. L1FE Outdoors ATV can help with both of these options.

Why are aftermarket ATV exhausts often louder?

Aftermarket ATV, UTV and SidexSide exhausts are often louder because they are designed to increase engine performance by allowing the exhaust gases to flow more freely. This increased flow of exhaust gases can cause the exhaust to be louder than the stock exhaust. Some ATV riders enjoy the sound and feel of the power and acceleration that a loud exhaust produces, others would like to reduce that sound. Aftermarket exhausts can often be modified to reduce this extra noise, for instance RJWC Exhausts, Barker’s, and other aftermarket exhaust brands sell a quiet core for their aftermarket ATV exhaust systems.

What are my options for upgraded exhausts for ATVs, UTVs or SxSs?

Your options for upgraded aftermarket exhausts include slip-on exhausts and full exhaust replacement systems. A slip-on exhaust typically replaces the muffler and exhaust tip of the stock exhaust, while a full exhaust system replaces the entire exhaust system from the headers back. The full exhaust system usually provides better performance gains, as well as a more customized look and sound.

What are the most popular aftermarket ATV exhaust brands?

Some of the most popular aftermarket ATV exhaust brands include RJWC Powersports, Barker’s Performance, HMF, Yoshimura, and MBRP. The best brand for you to buy depends on product offerings for your machine make and model as well as budget, power goals, and personal preferences. L1FE Outdoors ATV has exhaust experts on staff to help you with your decision. Contact us for any ATV, UTV, or Side x Side parts and/or accessory questions and purchase advice. Shop Aftermarket Exhaust Options for my ATV, UTV, or Side x Side.

I hope this article helped you with your aftermarket exhaust questions. Please also check out our article on Tips on Buying ATV Parts in Canada.

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