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Tips on Buying ATV Parts in Canada

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Nowadays, powersports enthusiasts such as ATV, UTV, or Side by Side owners can easily maintain their vehicles by buying parts online. As a powersports owner, you'll need to purchase replacement parts sometimes. It could be due to damage, upgrading, or changing to upgrade the look of your vehicle. If this is your first time purchasing an ATV, UTV, or Side by Side part online, do not worry L1FE Outdoors is here to help you. Follow the guidelines in his article to make an informed choice and pick the best quality parts like a pro.

Pick a Trusted Dealer

There's a lot to consider when buying custom UTV, ATV, and Side by Side parts. Before initiating a part purchase, you must have some basic knowledge about the make and model of your vehicle. We recommend not going for the cheapest price on parts. Watch out for grey market items sold on the internet. Look for parts from an authorized dealer that comes with a warranty. Sometimes reliable online stores offer excellent customer support. You can always give them a call or send them an email to try to get the exact ATV, UTV, or Side by Side part that will fit your model. Many powersport stores offer over-the-phone support where you can use their knowledge and ask lots of questions.

Be Clear About Requirements

If you do not know what you need to fix the current condition of your UTV, ATV, and Side by Side, it is best to contact a nearby motorsports mechanic. Searching for custom parts without knowing what you need will leave you with the possibility of making the wrong part purchase. Also, check about return and refund policies. A lack of clarity about your exact requirement might lead you to waste your money buying unique parts that will be incompatible with your vehicle. Therefore, you should know precisely what you need before shopping online or at a dealership. To get everything you need to repair or improve your UTV, ATV, and Side by Side, make a list of all the components you need to receive everything at once.

Compatibility of Parts

Be sure the components you buy are compatible with the exact model of your ATV, UTV, and Side by Side if you want to improve its performance. Unsuitable parts can quickly damage your vehicle and cause performance problems. For compatibility, you need to know the brand of your ATV components and then the model suitable for your vehicle. Check your owner’s manual and VIN number for reference. You can also use a website to look up your VIN number to give you all the important details.

Talk to the Salesperson

Sometimes you need to speak with an expert. Call the store parts department and ask about the specifics of the components you're interested in. Be sure to ask if the parts fit your specific model, year, and manufacturer and whether there is a return policy.

Look No Further

Are you looking for powersports ATV parts in Canada? Then, you are at the right place. L1FE Outdoors ATV has a wide range of parts and accessories for any ATV, UTV, or Side by Side brands. The team behind our online store strives to ensure that you make the right purchase for your vehicle. We enjoy helping customers! Contact us today for helpful guidance and perfect fitting ATV, UTV, or Side by Side parts.

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