We can't show you how it looks different from stock because it's STEALTH!!!  This snorkel kit is a first step to snorkeling your Snarler.  We like to refer to this kit as a piece-of-mind snorkel kit.  The Snarlers come fairly well snorkeled from factory, with all air intakes below the gauge cluster.  The one snorkel missing is the CVT belt box exhaust.  So this kit routes that CVT exhaust up to the dash along with extending vent lines for the diffs and fuel tank at the same time.  This way you know you are safe up to approximately the top of the fenders.


This kit pairs nicely with the L1 rad relocate if you want to reduce any overheating problems from clogged rads!


Install requires simple hand tools and a 2-3/8" holesaw.

Segway Snarler Stealth Snorkel Kit

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