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The Must-Have Accessories for Customizing Your ATV or UTV

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Investing in ATV/UTV performance improvement is crucial. Nevertheless, pay attention to the importance of purchasing ATV or UTV accessories to improve your vehicle's style and unique look. You can customize your ATV with the various available ATV accessories. Specific components can improve your power sports vehicle's appearance, functionality, and safety. Would you like your ATV or UTV to have a customized look without breaking the bank? The question is, which accessories to get? You might be confused by all the options available. Do not worry; we are here to help you!

We have compiled the following list of must-have powersports vehicle accessories - please check.

If you want help finding or installing parts, the experts at L1FE OUTDOORS will be happy to help you.

LED Lights

Switching out the lights is a popular way to customize a powersports vehicle. Manufacturers use more affordable lighting parts; upgrading them will improve the look of your ATV and your drive. There are several benefits to this components swap. LED lights make driving easier and do not interfere with vision at night. Additionally, they make it easier for other drivers to see you. It also helps when riding with a group or at a trail system or a busy riding park. LED lights provide a brighter beam, use less energy, last much longer, and ultimately cost less.

Storage Boxes

Many ATV and UTV accessories are designed to improve your storage potential. A frequently chosen option is an additional cargo box or rack box. You can bring extra supplies using this storage space. Consequently, your trail ride experience will improve.

A GPS Unit

Do you use your phone for navigation? When using a phone for GPS, you might experience problems like a dead battery or no signal. Therefore, a GPS unit is better than relying on your phone for navigation. GPS units make it easy to navigate back to your vehicle and know where you are at all times. GPS can also mark favourite spots, such as hunting spots or hidden trails. Furthermore, a GPS tracking device for ATVs can also help prevent theft and recover stolen vehicles.

A Winch

An accessory that will help you enjoy a smooth ride is a winch. Getting stuck in a muddy hole or pushing down a rocky hill might cause trouble. Especially if you are alone on the trails in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, add a winch to your ATV or UTV to avoid problems like getting stuck alone in hot or cold temperatures. If you have a reliable winch, you can swiftly escape a trapped situation without waiting for assistance.

Various types of winches are available, such as synthetic or wire winches. You must select the right winch accessory for your particular ATV or UTV, depending on how you plan to use it.


Adding a bumper can significantly alter your vehicle's appearance while enhancing protection. The factory bumper is replaced by an accessory bumper, which frequently extends further around the vehicle's front and/or back. In Bumpers, unusual colour options are available to help you make your ATV or UTV stand out from the crowd. The best part is that you can easily upgrade your vehicle's bumper for less than $300, giving your UTV a unique visual appeal and improved performance.


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