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How to Create the Ultimate Trail Machine

If you consider yourself a trail rider and would like to optimize your machine for that purpose, whether you have an ATV, UTV, or Side x Side, below is a list of things to consider upgrading or adding.

1. High-quality tires: Invest in tires with aggressive tread patterns and puncture-resistant materials to provide maximum traction and durability on challenging trails. Look for options that are designed for the specific type of terrain you'll be riding on, such as mud, rocks, sand, or snow. Shop for ATV Tires today

2. Upgraded suspension system: Consider upgrading your ATV's suspension system to handle rough terrain more effectively. This could include long-travel suspension, adjustable shocks, or independent suspension for improved handling, comfort, and ground clearance. Shop for Lift kits and Suspension upgrades

3. Winch: A winch can be a valuable tool for trail riding, allowing you to recover your ATV from difficult situations, such as getting stuck in mud or navigating steep inclines. Look for a winch with sufficient pulling capacity and durable construction. Shop for winches and winch accessories

4. Skid plates and guards: Install skid plates, brush guards, and other protective accessories to safeguard your ATV's undercarriage, A-arms, and other vulnerable components from rocks, branches, and other obstacles commonly encountered on trails. Shop Skid Plates

5. LED lighting: Upgrade your ATV's lighting to LED lights for improved visibility on the trails, especially during low-light conditions. LED lights are brighter, more energy-efficient, and longer-lasting compared to traditional halogen bulbs. Shop LED Lights and Light Bars

6. Handguards: Handguards can protect your hands from branches, debris, and other hazards while riding on trails. Look for handguards that are durable, easy to install, and provide ample coverage for your hands and handlebars. Shop ATV Hand Guards

7. Cargo racks and storage options: Consider adding cargo racks or storage boxes to carry gear, tools, and other essentials while on the trails. Look for options that are sturdy, waterproof, and easy to attach and detach from your ATV. Shop Cargo and Storage Options

8. Performance upgrades: Depending on your ATV's specific model and engine, you may consider performance upgrades such as an upgraded air filter, exhaust system, or fuel controller to boost power, torque, and overall performance on the trails. Shop Performance Upgrades or Contact L1FE Outdoors ATV for assistance

9. ATV/UTV tool kit: A comprehensive tool kit can come in handy for on-trail repairs and adjustments. Look for a tool kit that includes essential tools such as wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, tire repair tools, and other commonly used tools for ATV/UTV maintenance and repairs.

10. GPS and navigation system: Consider adding a GPS and navigation system to your ATV to help you navigate trails and avoid getting lost. Look for options that are waterproof, durable, and have trail mapping capabilities.

11. UTV Roof and/or Windshield: A roof and/or windshield can provide protection from the elements such as rain, snow, sun, and wind while riding on the trail. Look for options that are made from durable materials, easy to install, and compatible with your UTV model. Shop Windshields

12. UTV Mirrors: Mirrors are essential for UTV trail riding as they provide improved visibility and safety. Look for mirrors that are designed specifically for UTVs, provide a wide field of view, and are vibration-resistant for clear rearview vision. Shop for Mirrors

13. Spare Tire Carrier: When you are out on the trails or in remote locations, having a spare tire easily accessible on your ATV or UTV can be incredibly convenient. In case of a flat tire, you can quickly swap out the damaged tire with the spare tire and continue your ride without having to tow your vehicle or call for assistance, saving you time and effort. Shop for Spare Tire Carriers

14. Spare Fuel / Gas Can Holder: Carrying extra fuel can extend your riding range. This is especially useful during long rides or when exploring remote areas where fuel stations may be scarce. With a fuel can holder, you can carry additional fuel and avoid running out of gas, allowing you to ride further and explore more without worrying. Shop Fuel / Gas Can Holder

15. Chain Saw Holder: Unexpected situations can occur while riding off-road, such as getting stuck, encountering a blocked route, or needing to clear a path for rescue or recovery purposes. A chainsaw can be a valuable tool in such situations to cut through obstacles and create a way out. Shop Chainsaw Holders

It's important to research and choose parts and accessories that are compatible with your specific ATV, UTV, or SxS model and riding style. Consult with experienced riders, read reviews, and consider your own needs and preferences to create the Ultimate Trail Machine that suits your riding style and requirements.

The staff at L1FE Outdoors ATV are all riders and are ready to help you with your ATV, UTV, & Side by Side Trail Riding parts and accessory purchases.

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