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ATV Accessories You Must Have for Summer Off-Roading

Summer is the perfect time to try something new and exciting. This time of year is the best time to enjoy the outdoors. You can explore new paths and conquer new trails with All-Terrain Vehicles or ATVs. Parks and outdoor recreational facilities offer ATV riding trails to those looking for adventure and thrill during the summer. You should modify and improve your ATV if you plan to go off-road with it this summer. Get your ATV ready for off-road adventures with these essential ATV accessories.

Tires and Wheels

You can improve your riding experience by choosing the right wheels and tires. To navigate challenging terrain, the tires and wheels of your vehicle must have deep treads and sturdy construction. The first step in choosing replacement ATV tires is determining what terrain you plan to ride on. There are different kinds of ATV tires for different types of terrain. For instance, choose ATV sand tires if you plan to ride on dunes or beaches. ATV Mud tires are great for harsh muddy terrains because they have deep and thick lug treads that provide excellent water evacuation and traction.


Adding a winch to your ATV can help you escape messy situations. A winch can be a lifesaver whenever your ATV gets stuck in mud or other challenging conditions. Through a rope or cable, a winch pulls your ATV towards a secured object that acts as an anchor using a force exerted by the winch. Using the ATV winch, you can also draw other ATVs out of the mud caught in it. Consider how much weight the winch will need to pull and the rope's material before buying an ATV winch.

Storage Box

Another excellent accessory is an ATV storage bag and luggage to expand your storage space. If you have additional storage for your ATV, you can take all the items you need. Generally, ATV storage bags and luggage are made of high-quality materials that can withstand harsh terrain conditions and weather. Off-roading with your ATV requires that you be well-equipped and prepared. Therefore, extra storage space allows you to store gear and tools on the trail. Additionally, you can store rations, tools, and other equipment that will enable you to survive longer.

Hand Guards

A handguard protector is a must for anyone who races on trails; they protect their hands from flying gravel, stones, and other trail debris. When off-roading, hand guards protect your hands from debris and branches. When you ride, hand guards protect your hands from rocks, mud, and cold wind, which can cause unwanted damage to your hands. In all riding conditions, they provide excellent protection for hands and controls.

Nerf Bars

You can upgrade your ATV for off-road riding by installing nerf bars. The Nerf bars provide your feet with a safer platform made of metal frames and nylon webbing. As a result, your feet are protected from rocks and other trail particles thrown by the front tires. Additionally, they prevent your feet from slipping off when they get wet and muddy. Aside from that, Nerf bars protect against jamming caused by another ATV tire getting stuck between your own tires.

Add Skid Plates

Your ATV must have skid plates if you plan to go off-road. Skid plates are commonly installed on the front and undercarriage of ATVs. Often, rocks, debris, and other elements on the terrain get in contact with radiators, chassis, and other bodies and cause severe damage. Skid plates are a great solution to prevent this problem. There are three main types of skid plates: steel, aluminum, and UHMW. Steel is often used for long-term protection but is susceptible to corrosion and rust. The superior impact strength of aluminum has made it a popular choice for skid plates.

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