Dalton Clutch Kits for CanAm



Product Name: 2016-20 CAN-AM Outlander/ Renegade 1000 XMR 4X4 ATV

Type: Clutch Kits

Model: DBO 1000 X

For : Can-Am/BRP


  • Large aggressive mud tires ( stock XMR tires and larger)
  • This kit is designed for the lower gearing of the 2016 and newer XMR versions only (for regular versions see other listings)

Better belt grip and improved performance.

A clutch tuning package to optimize CVT clutch calibration for extra large tire sizes and mud applications on the 2016-2020 Outlander/Renegade 1000 XMR versions. A new adjustable flyweight is included. This flyweight is a new profile designed specifically for the XMR version of this vehicle. There are also new primary and secondary springs supplied. This combination provides for better acceleration and improved back shifting. Holds rpm better under load conditions and helps correct the rate of shift for aggressive mud riding. Flyweight set-up guide is included.


DBO 850  2016-20 Outlander, Max,  Renegade 850 4X4


This is the standard adjustable clutch kit that is used for stock and oversized tires up to and including all 28” tires and applications. This kit offers improved acceleration and response, as well as adjustability for tires within the range specified. There is no loss of top speed from the kit. The included “set up guide” shows you how to set up the kit for your application.

There are instructions in the kit, as well as the part number for the optional secondary spring (DPSS-B/V) to convert this kit to the “M” kit if you ever install 29.5” or larger mud tires.



DBO 850 M  2016-20 Outlander, Max, Renegade, XMR 850 4X4


This kit is specific to extra large tires. 29.5” diameter and larger. The clutch requirements for tires of this size is different. Most often used for mud, soft terrain, and/or ground clearance, it is a different shift calibration requirement. The extra large tires not only have more rotating weight, but a even larger gearing issue resulting from the tires.

This kit includes similar components, but also includes a different secondary spring.

There are instructions in the kit that show you how to set it up for different tire sizes in this range.


DBO 650 ALL Years, Can-Am 650 Outlander, Outlander Max, XMR 4x4


This clutch recalibration for the CAN-AM 650 Outlander offers flexible tuning options for stock or oversized tires and high elevations. Improved acceleration, throttle response and backshifting with no loss of top speed when set up properly for your application.This kit uses a different adjustable base weight than the 800 cc and other kits.

This clutch kit has adjustable flyweigfht lever arms and a new primary spring. Instructions show you how to set up the flyweights for different tires and applications.


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