The Q2 Quiet Core from RJWC lowers the noise level and fits all* current RJWC Exhaust systems. (Mud Edition / Krossflow)


This construction though more restrictive than without can maintain a better flow than OE exhaust or RJWC exhausts with the old-style quiet core. It works tremendously well both for flow and reducing the noise.


Since the product is a bit restrictive we do not recommend using this for other activities than trail riding or lighter all-round riding. Do not use this on heavily tuned vehicles that is driven hard, there will be a lot of heat build-up.


It also has an updated fitment to make it easier to install than the previous version


If you already have a Krossflow exhaust, and are a bit handy or know someone who can weld stainless, you can just look at the pictures and see how you can modify your current core.



  • 304 Stainless steel
  • Same louver design as Krossflow
  • TIG-Welded
  • Great fit


*If you wish to use it in a Krossflow exhaust you need to remove the second core that is already in there.


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