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What Are Thumpstar Pit Bikes?

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Thumpstar Pit Bikes have a rich history rooted in the world of off-road riding. Originating from Australia, Thumpstar emerged in the early 2000s as a brand dedicated to producing high-quality and reliable pit bikes. Inspired by the growing demand for compact, agile, and versatile motorcycles for off-road enthusiasts, Thumpstar quickly gained popularity within the riding community.

The brand's commitment to engineering excellence and attention to detail propelled Thumpstar Pit Bikes to the forefront of the industry. These bikes were designed specifically for riders who craved the exhilaration of off-road adventures, whether it be ripping through muddy trails, tackling jumps at a motocross track, or exploring rugged terrains with ease. Over the years, Thumpstar has continued to innovate and refine its pit bikes, pushing the boundaries of performance and reliability. With a focus on advanced suspension systems, powerful engines, and durable components, Thumpstar Pit Bikes have become renowned for their exceptional handling, superior power delivery, and exceptional durability.

Today, Thumpstar Pit Bikes have gained global following, captivating riders of all ages and skill levels. From young riders just starting their off-road journey to seasoned veterans seeking the ultimate thrill, Thumpstar Pit Bikes continue to deliver an experience of power, agility, and pure enjoyment.

The Thumpstar Pit Bike Line-Up

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We are excited to take a closer look at each model of Thumpstar Pit Bikes, delving into their unique features, performance capabilities, and the experiences they offer riders. From the beginner-friendly models designed for aspiring riders to the adrenaline-pumping beasts built for experienced enthusiasts, we'll leave no stone unturned in our exploration of the Thumpstar lineup. Our detailed analysis of each Thumpstar model will equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

The "K" models, including the TSK 70C and TSK 110C, are part of Thumpstar's lineup specifically designed for young riders. These pit bikes prioritize safety without compromising on excitement. One notable safety feature is the emergency lanyard, which instantly shuts off the bike in the event of a fall or separation. This provides parents with peace of mind and ensures the well-being of young riders. Another standout feature is the inclusion of the Pipe Bomb signature exhaust, which not only enhances the bike's performance but also adds a stylish touch. The TSK 70C reaches a top speed of 45km/hr, offering a thrilling yet manageable experience for younger riders. On the other hand, the TSK 110C takes the excitement to another level with a top speed of 90km/hr, allowing more experienced young riders to push their limits while still maintaining a safe riding environment. With their focus on safety and performance, the "K" models provide an exhilarating off-road experience tailored specifically for kids.

The "B" lineup from Thumpstar, which stands for Entry Level, includes the TSB 110C and TSB 125E-C models. Designed to cater to riders who are new to the world of pit bikes, these bikes offer a perfect balance of performance and accessibility. Equipped with the renowned Pipe Bomb exhaust, they deliver a powerful and exhilarating sound. The kick-start feature ensures easy starting, while the manual transmission allows riders to engage with the bike and learn the art of shifting gears. Both models boast a 4-stroke engine, providing a smooth and reliable power delivery. With a top speed of 90km/hr, riders can experience the thrill of speed while still maintaining control. Weighing in at 176-198 lbs, these bikes offer a manageable weight for beginners to handle. The TSB 110C and TSB 125E-C from the "B" lineup provide an entry point into the world of pit bikes, allowing riders to develop their skills and passion for off-road riding with confidence and excitement.

The "X" lineup from Thumpstar, representing "All-Rounded," features the TSX 125C and TSX 140C models. These bikes are designed to excel in various riding environments, offering a versatile and exhilarating experience. With their kick-start feature and manual 4-speed transmission, riders have full control over their gear shifts, allowing them to adapt to different terrains and riding styles. Equipped with a powerful 38mm Pipe Bomb exhaust, these bikes deliver an impressive sound and enhanced performance. With a top speed of 90km/hr, riders can enjoy the thrill of speed while exploring the limits of their abilities. The TSX 125C and TSX 140C from the "X" lineup embody versatility, making them suitable for riders who seek an all-rounded pit bike that can tackle any challenge, whether it's tearing up a motocross track or conquering off-road trails with confidence.

The "R" lineup from Thumpstar, representing "Racing," showcases the TSR 140C, the pinnacle model of Thumpstar pit bikes. Designed for riders who crave the ultimate performance and thrills, this bike is a true powerhouse on the track. With a top speed of 90km/hr, riders can unleash the full potential of the TSR 140C. The manual 4-speed transmission ensures precise control and allows riders to optimize their gear selection for maximum acceleration. The kick-start feature provides a quick and hassle-free start, so riders can focus on conquering the track. Built with high-quality components and advanced engineering, the TSR 140C delivers exceptional performance and reliability, making it the perfect choice for racing enthusiasts seeking to dominate the competition. With its unrivalled speed and responsive handling, the TSR 140C from the "R" lineup is designed to satisfy the demands of riders who have a passion for pushing their limits and experiencing the exhilaration of true racing.

Are Thumpstar Pit Bikes For Kids Only?

Thumpstar offers a wide range of pit bike models that cater to riders of all ages and experience levels. For kids who are just starting their off-road adventures, Thumpstar provides specialized models such as the TSK 70C and TSK 110C. These bikes are designed with safety features like an emergency lanyard and offer manageable speeds and easy controls, ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience for young riders. Thumpstar understands the importance of introducing kids to the thrill of off-road riding in a controlled and age-appropriate manner, making their pit bikes an excellent choice for young enthusiasts.

However, Thumpstar goes beyond just kids' models. They offer a diverse lineup of pit bikes that cater to riders of all experiences. From the entry-level "B" lineup, perfect for beginners, to the versatile "X" lineup designed for all-rounded riding, and the high-performance "R" lineup for racing enthusiasts, Thumpstar has something to suit every rider. These models feature powerful engines, advanced suspension systems, and cutting-edge technology, delivering exhilarating performance for riders of all ages and skill levels. So, while Thumpstar pit bikes are indeed a great choice for kids, they also offer a wide range of models to satisfy the needs and preferences of riders at any stage of their off-road journey.

Prices of Thumpstar Pit Bikes 2023 in Canada

Thumpstar Pit Bikes are known for providing high-quality off-road bikes at affordable prices. In 2023, Thumpstar continues to offer excellent value for riders seeking off-road excitement without breaking the bank. Thumpstar Pit Bikes are priced competitively compared to other brands in the market. They strive to offer affordability without compromising on quality and performance, making their bikes accessible to a wide range of enthusiasts.

Although pricing could change at any time due to market conditions and other factors, here are the updated 2023 price tags for each available model at L1FE Outdoors ATV/UTV:

Thumpstar TSK 70C: $1,800CAD

Thumpstar TSB 110C: $2,200CAD

Thumpstar TSB 125E-1C: $2,500CAD

Thumpstar TSX 125C: $2,500CAD

Thumpstar TSX 140C: $2,900CAD

Thumpstar TSR 140C: $3,000CAD

Where To Buy Thumpstar Pit Bikes & Replacement Parts?

If you're looking for a reliable source to purchase Thumpstar pit bikes and Thumpstar replacement parts, look no further than L1FE Outdoors ATV/UTV's main site, As a trusted and reputable retailer, L1FE Outdoors ATV/UTV offers a wide selection of Thumpstar models, ensuring you'll find the perfect bike to suit your needs. Additionally, L1FE Outdoors ATV/UTV goes beyond just Thumpstar pit bikes, as they specialize in providing a comprehensive range of ATV, UTV, and SXS parts, accessories, and upgrades. With an extensive inventory housed in their in-stock warehouse, you can count on finding everything you require for your off-road adventures. What sets L1FE Outdoors ATV/UTV apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction, offering fast shipping to ensure you receive your orders promptly. Trust L1FE Outdoors ATV/UTV for all your Thumpstar pit bike and off-road vehicle needs, and enjoy a convenient shopping experience coupled with top-notch service.

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