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The Top 5 Best Cleaning Products for ATV's of 2023

Keep your quad clean and protected with these 5 ATV cleaning products of 2023.

Man on ATV riding through mud

Keeping Your ATV Clean

Keeping your all-terrain vehicle and plastics clean is not only for its aesthetic appeal, making sure your ATV is thoroughly cleaned and free from any mud from your previous adventure is also paramount for keeping your quad at optimal performance. If you do not implement good cleaning practices, you may run the risk of clogging important components, like the engine, brakes or suspension. Today, we will go over the top 5 ATV cleaning products of 2023 and lucky for you, it's all available at our premier online ATV, UTV and side-by-side parts and accessories store, L1FE Outdoors ATV/UTV.

How Often Should I Clean My ATV?

The frequency of how often you should clean your ATV may vary upon the conditions you drive your quad on. Riding through muddy trails will require a more thorough and regular cleaning than riding on pavement or sand. The general rule of thumb is that you should always clean your ATV after every adventure you take it on, this will ensure that the important components of your quad are free from any dirt, mud or debris buildup. Every rider should establish a cleaning routine to ensure their ATV is in tip-top condition.

Top 5 ATV Cleaning Products

Now that you know the importance and how regularly you should keep your ATV clean, let's dive into the top available cleaning products available to keep your ATV running in prime condition.

wr performance mud defender can

1. WR Performance Mud Defender

WR Performance Mud Defender is a premium mud-release agent, originally designed as a concrete form repellent. Not only does it remove and protect your ATV from the muddiest conditions, but it also leaves a protective coating as you clean. It doesn't matter if you're applying it on carbon fibre, plastic, rubber, metal or vinyl, Mud Defender will protect and clean all materials. Made with non-silicone technology, Mud Defender keeps your ATV running at top performance without the worry of your quad becoming seriously muddy before you begin your adventure.

Quick Overview

  • Protects your ATV from mud and other contaminants;

  • Safe to apply on all types of surfaces;

  • Non-silicon technology;

  • Leaves a protective coating.

maxima sc1 high gloss coating can

2. Maxima SC1 High Gloss Coating

Maxima SC1 High Gloss Coating is a top choice for ATV riders who prefer to add an extra long-lasting protective barrier to their ride, shielding it from harmful elements, such as UV rays, the weather or terrain conditions. This high gloss coating product can be applied to any material and will leave a smooth and non-sticky surface. SC1 is designed specifically to keep your all-terrain vehicle looking shiny, clean and fresh for your next off-roading adventure.

Quick Overview

  • Long-lasting protective barrier;

  • Shields UV rays and other elements;

  • Leaves a smooth and non-sticky residue;

  • Keeps your ATV looking showroom-ready.

klotz frogon storage and afterrun lubericant can

3. Klotz FogOn Storage & AfterRun Lubricant

Klotz FrogOn & Afterun Lubricant is an exceptional solution crafted to protect your quad's most vital and important components and keep them running in optimal condition. Whether you're putting the ATV away in storage for the winter months or you just completed your journey, apply this product to prevent the harmful effects of moisture and oxidization. The advanced formulation penetrates deep into the engine, minimizing any risk of damage to your ride's most critical parts, allowing you to keep your ride running more smoothly and efficiently.

Quick Overview

  • Protects the most critical components;

  • Apply on your quad before storing away;

  • Apply on your ATV after an adventure;

  • Prevents moisture and oxidization.

bottle of ZOOM cleaner

4. ZOOM Cleaner

ZOOM Cleaner is an advanced cleaning solution that is used not only for ATVs but also used for RVs, lawnmowers, dirt bikes, decks and much more! ZOOM prides itself on being an affordable and fast-acting cleaner on the toughest dirt and grime buildup. Also, this formula is created to smell good and is made with environmentally-friendly, non-toxic ingredients and chemicals. This spray is available in a pre-mixed formulation or in a concentrated form, which you can dilute at home for the best value. For most applications, use a 10:1 or 30:1 ratio.

Quick Overview

  • Perfect for all types of equipment, including your deck;

  • Fast-acting and smells really good;

  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic;

  • Available in pre-mixed or diluted form.

Motorex Carburetor Cleaner can

5. Motorex Carburetor Cleaner

Motorex Carburetor Cleaner is designed to clean and clear the air passages, inlet flaps, Venturi tubes, adjustment screw seats and carburetor housings. The advanced formulation is crafted to tackle and effortlessly dissolve any grime, varnish or deposits that hinder your ATVs performance. The fast-evaporating and residue-free formula proves a faster throttle response, smoother idling and overall engine responsiveness. Make sure your ATVs engine is finely tuned and running at optimal performance with this carburetor cleaner.

Quick Overview

  • Cleans and clears air passages and more;

  • Fast-evaporating and residue-free formula;

  • Improves overall engine responsiveness;

  • Improves fuel flow and efficiency.


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