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10 Must Have Winch and Winch Like Accessories for your ATV, UTV, or SxS

It can be easy to overlook the necessity of a winch but it’s always advised to be prepared for the unexpected. You could hit a mud hole that’s deeper than you thought, or accidently drive into a swampy field, or go down a hill you cannot get back up. It might not even be you that needs help. A winch and winch like accessories can help get you out of hairy situations.

10 items to consider having on your ATV, UTV, or SXS

1. Properly Sized Winch

Most ATVs can get away with a 2500lb to a 3500lb winch depending on the weight of the machine. If you have a larger ATV you’re better off with the 3500lb. UTVs tend to have 3500lb-6000lb. Remember it’s not only the weight of the machine the winch is pulling… if you’re stuck in mud you have to add the resistance the mud is creating. Up sizing the winch is never a bad idea, just make sure the physical size of the winch fits where you’re installing it on the machine.

2. Rear Winch Receiver Plate

Consider a rear winch if a front winch install is not ideal or if a double winch front and rear is useful for your adventures. KFI makes a 2” receiver hitch mounted winch mounting plate. As long as your ATV, UTV or SxS has a 2” receiver you can use this plate.

3. Winch Ropes

Most ATV and UTV winches already come with a winch rope but you can upsize the rope usually by 1 size safely for increased strength. Winch ropes can also break especially when you’re in one of those hairy situations so carrying a spare is never a bad idea.

4. Winch Rope Extender with Soft Shackle

Winch rope extenders are great for bringing the winch rope end to a higher position for a quick grab when you’re stuck. Simply wrap the soft shackle around the object you’re using to winch yourself out – a tree or another machine. The soft shackle is gentle and easier to use than a hook.

5. Winch Hook

Winch hooks are a standard in the ATV and UTV world. There are times the soft shackle is the better option and also times you cannot beat the standard hook!

6. Winch Hook Stopper

A winch stopper stops the winch hook from being over sucked into the rollers and or fairlead. It protects the rollers and fairlead and keeps tension on the rope or cable reducing movement of the hook during riding and eliminates the clatter. Once you have one, everyone else that you ride with will want one!

7. Winch Hook Holder

The RJWC winch hook holder keeps your winch hook up out of the mud and within reach at all times.

8. Fairleads

A fairlead for an ATV or UTV is a mounted guide on your machine that the winch rope runs through to keep it clear of obstruction and preventing it from being cut or chafed. The fairlead on your ATV, UTV or SxS is usually a metal piece with a smooth hole in it, it’s important that the fairlead is smooth without nicks and scrapes so that it doesn’t fray the rope as it passes through. If your fairlead has been damaged you’ll need a new one to protect your rope Fairleads come in different colours, why not get one to match your machine colour. Make your machine stand out.

9. Tow Rope

In some situations a tow rope is the right solution. If you’re just simply towing another machine to safety a tow rope is quicker and simpler than using a winch. Every ATV, UTV and Side by Side should have a tow rope on board especially if you’re riding with others.

10. KFI Tiger Tail Tow System

The KFI Tiger Tail tow system very easily installs into a 2” or 1-1/4” receiver and has adjustable mounting kits so it should work with most ATVs UTVs and Side by Sides. It’s a retractable tow rope ready to use at all times. It’s arguably the fastest towing solution out there.


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